Kneo Automation Pvt. Ltd. India, are pleased to announce that we have tied-up with Autefa solutions, Germany as their exclusive sales representative in Indian market from 01.12.2017. We will be responsible for the marketing and sales of Autefa’s nonwoven equipment listed below

  • Nonwoven needle punched lines consisting of fiber preparation, carding, cross-lapping and needle looms
  • Aerodynamic Web forming (Airlay carding)
  • Hydroentanglement technology for spunlace line
  • Drying and thermal bonding technology
  • Coating and impregnation technology
  • Cutting, winding and festooning technology

With the passion for the technology, the journey of KNEO has started from the year 2003 as automation service provider to Autefa solutions and we have already implemented automation projects for them in over 30 countries. With this tie-up with Autefa for exclusive sales representation, we are putting a step forward towards becoming a multifaceted organisation and will remain committed to offer world-class nonwoven solutions to the industry.


The combination of flexibility, high line speed and process efficiency is mandatory for state-of-the-art carding technology. Autefa offers fully integrated turnkey lines including all components from fiber opening to web drafting. All process steps and corresponding machines are fully integrated into the AUTEFA Solutions control system.

All cards are equipped with a controlled air flow using a vacuum system in order to minimise the flow of fibers. Easy access to all components of the card is provided by the “Monoblock” design of the machine frame allowing a quick and easy opening of the card. On the basis of the FOR technology, AUTEFA Solutions offers the following two types of carding machines:


All Autefa Solutions web forming and random carding machines utilise the aerodynamic principle, which results in a three dimensional fiber orientation and total randomisation. Total fiber randomisation provides the isotropic web strength required by our customers. Therefore, the aerodynamic principle represents the key to maximum product quality, economy and reliability from a single source.


Needle punching machine or needle looms are essential in the production of nonwoven fabrics. Nonwovens are bonded mechanically by needling. The needles punch vertically in and out of the material. The machine then transports the material and the needles come down again. This process locks the fibers together.

The product range includes Single- and Double-Board Needle Looms, Tandem Needle Looms, Velour-, Structuring and Patterning Needle Looms based on the Needle Loom Stylus NL drive concept series and the Needle Loom Stylus VARILIPTIC drive concept.

Needle punching machines from AUTEFA Solutions combine Fehrer’s know-how and long-time experience with the latest technology and offer optimum solutions for any kind of needling requirement, as single loom or integrated in complete lines.


The crosslapper takes up the carded web coming from the carding machine with constant speed, guides it between two conveyor belts from the upper carriage to the layering carriage, and finally lays it in a zigzag pattern on the delivery belt that is positioned at 90 degrees to the machine axis. By developing these technologies AUTEFA Solutions has set high standards for crosslappers. The amount of innovations is reflected by numerous patents. AUTEFA Solutions has constantly followed the path of continuous development of crosslapper technology through innovative ideas and solutions developed in cooperation with market leading manufacturers of system components.

In addition to the requested performance, AUTEFA Solutions crosslappers offer to the customer high operational safety with low maintenance requirements and therefore a high installation utilization ratio of this high quality product.


Patented V-Jet technology reduces distance between nozzle and injector bottom from 15mm-25mm to 0.5mm, thus reducing the energy losses. V-jet system also lead to higher tensile strengths with same water pressure than the standard injector system. The possible reduction of water pressure is in the range of 20%. In addition, the water consumption is reduced by 10% when using the same nozzle diameter and pitch. This leads to an energy saving of total 30%.


AUTEFA Solutions specialises in the production of single and double belt dryers and thermobonding ovens for all nonwovens processes. The key strength of the AUTEFA Solutions belt dryers, uniform airflow and temperature distribution, the maintenance or even creation of high loft on the one but highest density as well as utmost energy efficiency on the other hand recommend the Autefa Solutions thermobonding and drying oven for industries that may use other systems today.

The AUTEFA Solutions circulation air oven is made to thermobond, heatset and also dry nonwovens.

As a thermobonding oven it allows processing of natural, recycling, glass and other mineral fibers to synthetic fibers. As a binder one can use bicomponent or polypropylene fibers but thermoplastic or duroplastic binder powders can be used as well. Heatsetting needle punched nonwovens is another field of application. The AUTEFA Solutions Oven can work in line with carding lines, carding and crosslapped lines, airlay, wetlaid and airlaid (pulp) line


Autefa solutions offers complete nonwoven lines starting from bale opener to finished products. Opening and blending equipment are flexible and can vary according to the fiber to be processed and the final product to be manufactured. These are customised equipment based on needs of the individual customers