KNEO Automation is an Industrial automation solution provider since 2003

KNEO has an expert team of experienced automation professionals who specialise in

  • Automation software development,
  • Database software,
  • Industry 4.0 related solutions
  • Electrical and Mechanical installation of machines
    and commissioning of projects
  • Upgradation of 2nd hand machines

We are associated with reputed German companies,
Our team has implemented automation projects in more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe and USA and have gained  a wealth of experience in latest Automation techniques, best safety practices etc.
Along with completion of projects , we also provide training and after sales service to customers world wide.

Various Industries

Tyre Industry

Mobile Solutions


Food & Beverages


Automotive Industry

Cement Industry


Home Appliances

We have worked with a range of automation applications. Some of them are:

  • Press Applications
  • Molding Applications
  • Forging Applications
  • Conveyors
  • Gantry
  • Curing Application
  • Gearing, Camming & Interpolation Applications
  • Hoist Applications
  • AGV / Mobile Applications
  • SCARA Robots
  • WTP / ETP / STP
  • SPMs
  • Data Logging & Monitoring
  • SQL Database R/W from PLC
  • Integration of third party hardware devices
  • Product Track & Traciability

KNEO Automation Solutions are focused on following business fields

Food & dairy Industry/ Plastic container Industry/ Beverages Industry/ Non-Food Industry

The AUTEFA Solutions fully automatic sorting installation has been developed for companies which produce products sort by sort and deliver it mixed in a carton or tray. The repacking process is working according to pre-selected mixing patterns. The automatic sorting installation enables the mixing of Tetra packs sizes from 0,2 l – 1,0 l. With special gripper systems also glass bottles and plastic containers can be handled. By means of exchangeable gripper heads arrangements of 2 x 6 / 2 x 8 / 3 x 9 can be created. The tracking of product data to customers ERP system can be included as well as the machine data recording.

Palletizing system

The AUTEFA Solutions palletizing system is a 2-, 3- or 4- axis modular robot system in portal frame design for palletizing. Individual packs, rows or whole layers can be handled. Also depalletizing of tangible packages is possible.

With the modular system application-specific, custom-made solutions can be generated.

Depending on the required task and performance more robots can be used. For every needed palletizing task various gripper heads can be used as forked gripper heads, clamp gripper, vacuum gripper heads etc. For each specific application, the optimal product range solution will be selected. Additional tasks as empty pallet and intermediate layer handling can be integrated into the system.

Intermediate Bottle Storage System

Intermediate Bottle Storage System – IBSS for buffering of empty plastic containers. Balancing the different capacity and availability between blow moulder and filler to increase the capacity of the entire line.

Dynamic buffer system for oriented PET /HDPE bottles and containers between blow moulder and palletizers or fillers.
Storing capacity from 5 min. up to several days.

Bulk glass sweep-off Depalletizer

The AUTEFA Solutions bulk glass sweep-off Depalletizer takes-off round, oval and square glass, plastic containers and cans of intermediate layers.

Containers are taken directly from the pallet to the bottle exit and moved into the filling process.

Depending on the requested machine capacity, the handling of intermediate layers, trays and pallets can be integrated directly into the take-off head or carried out by a separate robot unit.

For more information on Autefa Fiber Transport Techinology


This standard baler design is conceived for continuous bale production, suitable for man-made as well as natural staple fiber.
The Lift- Box Compact is the successor of the Lift- Box Baler type LB and the most successful baler of the last 15 years in the world market. More than 3000 balers of the Autefa Solutions double box system have been sold worldwide.
The modular baling system is available with several pressing forces: 1500 kN, 2000 kN, 2500 kN, 3000 kN, 4000 kN, 5000 kN and 6000 kN.

Subject to bulk density, handling time and hydraulic performance, capacities of up to 15000 kg/h can be achieved. A maximum bale weight of up to 700 kg can be accomplished depending on material specification and bale dimensions. It is possible to extend the baling system with a bale removing carriage as well as a bale transport system at any time.

The Lift Box Compact achieves the highest availability in comparison with other machines on the market, as a result of developments in cooperation with successful companies in the fiber industry.

Further advantages of the Autefa Solutions Lift Box Baler type LBC are:

  • Fully automatic wrapping and strapping device suitable for PE (smooth film) and PP (woven fabric film) wrapping
  • High availability
  • Closed press box
  • Low power consumption due to regulation of hydraulic unit
  • Easy maintenance with reduced efforts

Materials which can be handled by the machine
Man-made and natural staple fiber

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