What Is M.A.P.P ? (Monitor & Analyse Plant Performance )

M.A.P.P    is a modular software to capture & analyse events in any manufacturing facility to provide better visibility, leading to faster responses, better utilization of resources & therefore improved productivity.

At the heart of MAPP software  is its ability to communicate with  diverse PLC’s / controllers & capture relevant data. The data can then be converted to actionable intelligence using the different modules of MAPP as per user requirements. Each module is designed to work independently or selectively grouped as per requirements for an integrated customised solution.

A primary requirement for any company preparing for industry 4.0 or aiming for smart manufacturing is to invest into data gathering and data integration capabilities along with quick analysis of data.

Implementation of IoT is necessary in the next step without which integration of people and manufacturing systems is not possible.

In factory of the future , the production planning module has to be integrated with the manufacturing system

Features & Benefits

  • Better visibility of production process and equipment operations.
  • Automated data collection improves reliability of captured data.
  • Reduction of non- value added work
  • Customised reports of KPI’s
  • Eliminate root causes of downtimes
  • Improve worker productivity with real time dashboards
  • OEE calculations
  • Material and product traceability
  • Integrates into existing landscape  ( SCADA, Historian, SAP etc)
  • Maximise profits through increased output

Report Generation Module

Customized reports can be generated with auto emailing facility . The reports typically consist of production summary, downtime summary , top 10 faults , O.E.E calculations etc. The reporting module can be used by any manufacturing unit or component testing facilities , that need automated reports for audit purpose , customer records etc.


  • Our reporting module connects with PLC’s and captures data directly.
  • Data is stored in a standard data bases on local server.
  • Reports in pre-configured format are generated at decided schedule.
  • Reports can be emailed to selected list automatically
  • Can be exported in .xls or pdf format.
  • Generation of specific query based repeort is possible


  • See performance of plant at a quick glance
  • Required corrective actions can be planned based on accurate info.
  • Saves time of sifting through previous days data.
  • Generation of specific query based repeort is possible
  • OEE calculations in daily reports

Downtime Analysis Module

This module allows the user to interrogate the historical data in different ways to extract trends & patterns of failures . The possibility to query data , identify weak links in system measure the result of corrective actions taken is extremely useful.


  • Data from multiple machines is collected centrally
  • Data can be queried by Event,date , machine, Line, product etc
  • Several filters available for optimised search
  • Production and Quality related data can also be accessed in same module


  • Access to real time data & quick analysis helps to react faster
  • Query historical data to identify trends and patterns of failure
  • Before & after results of corrective actions can be monitored

Data Visualisation Module( Andon Display)

The real time data can be displayed on large displays ( LCD, LED monitors) on shop floor. This module has capability to communicate with most PLC’s / controllers, standard databases, ERP systems, capture real time data and display it with customised screens. Its a very popular solution since it eliminates the need to have a PC


  • Display can connect to most PLC’s directly.
  • Realtime as well as computed data can be displayed on screen
  • Ethernet or wifi connection possible to display.
  • Customised front ends can be prepared.
  • For OEM customers , we have a solution where Android tab can be used as HMI with Siemens PLC or any PLC controller with modbus


  • Display can collect data from PLC directly, drivers included
  • Very cost effective solution to read and display machine data
  • Standard TV can also be used as large screen display
  • PC not required to collect data and display data.

Data Logger

The KNEO Data Logger is a compact module which communicates with PLC’s like Siemens , AllenBradley , Mitsubishi , Delta or cotrollers with Modbus protocol.


  • Easy connection to PLC /controller and start logging
  • Store data on USB stick or transfer it to server over internet/LAN
  • Data can be stored In csv, xml,xls format
  • Logged data can be viewed analysed , reports generated using our reporting module.


  • Compact, cost effective way of logging PLC data , test bench data
  • Logging of Untampered data
  • Useful for Audit purpose
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