The idea of having a software tool like MAPP was born out of our own experience and struggle in completing & managing complex Automation projects. We developed this analysis software as an internal tool to help our team get a grip over the thousands of events happening at any given time in a complex automated plant. Over the last couple of years this tool was fine tuned and has proved itself to be extremely useful. Encouraged by the positive response from our overseas customers for MAPP software we decided to launch this as a full fledged product. The requirements of the industry are diverse and we have consciously tried to develop this on a platform where we can adapt to individual customers requirements. The MAPP software collects data from various machines & equipments. It supports Siemens, Allen Bradley and other major PLC manufacturers. Data can be collected from ‘n‘ number of PLC’s , even a mixture of different types and connected to single MAPP installation.

The data is stored in a database ( My SQL , Oracle etc) . This data can be analysed in real time to get a quick overview of the events, enabling quick corrective action by the responsible person. The historical data is stored for several months and can be analysed in different ways to get a better understanding, identify trends etc. These actions can be taken on fault event data as well as production data like throughput, scrap etc.

Top 10 faults are generated automatically for each individual machine and is an extremely useful feature for maintenance. You can set your own filters and save them for future use for groups of events in any combination across the whole plant. Dashboards provide good and easy visibility and helps in monitoring your KPI’s. Even utilities can be monitored on the same dashboard. The data can be analysed either locally or remotely ensuring on any PC or mobile devices. We have developed apps which makes it very convenient irrespective of the OS.

Reports can be generated and emailed automatically saving manual work, while eliminating errors related to manual collating of data. MAPP can provide connectivity with SAP/ERP systems, Data bases and shop floor data. In an industry that is getting increasingly complex and competitive, MAPP is a tool to help increase your productivity.