Production Planner/Scheduler

Planning and scheduling are major challenges for many organisations. Unsatisfactory production planning leads to higher operating costs .

The KNEO Planner/Scheduler is a configurable software for any production facility. It helps track actual vs planned production status. 

The scheduler recognizes available resources , maintenance schedules etc and helps plan the optimum schedule . It also tracks¬†unexpected downtime’s and readjusts the schedule automatically which ensures that you have the real picture regarding order completions at all times.


  • Configure any number of machines
  • Create and assign job orders
  • Track progress graphically on single screen.
  • Cancel /stop/re-plan assigned orders.
  • Generates production and downtime reports
  • Communicates with machines to capture data
  • Defining workflow


  • Track complete shopfloor production status in single view
  • Get estimates for orders in pipeline.
  • Improve production efficiency with better tracking
  • Detailed fault analysis at your finger tips
  • Helps to optimise inventory levels