Remote Monitoring

Connect your distributed plants, remote plants via internet for monitoring and control from a central location. IoT provides you better visibility leading to better utilisation and optimisation of processes.

Our IoT will communicate directly with several PLC makes like Siemens , Allen-bradley , Mitsubishi , Delta etc.


  • IoT communication with PLC controllers/devices over variety of protocols
  • Data collection from multiple plants at different locations
  • Secure data transmission & storage to central cloud database
  • Control and monitoring using mobile apps / web applications
  • If internet connection is interrupted , the IoT will log data locally and automatically send it to cloud once internet connection is re-established.
  • Our IoT will communicate directly with several PLC makes like Siemens, Allen-bradley , Mitsubishi , Delta etc.


  • Remote Monitoring of Multiple plants
  • Read and write of PLC /controller parameter possible through App.
  • Notification of alarms in mobile devices for quick and timely intervention
  • Improved Effeciency while decreasing losses & wastages due to continuous monitoring and timely action
  • Multilevel user security
  • SMS / emails can be sent for quick alerts
  • Internet connection can be GSM, Wired or wifi

Real Time Monitor & Control

The IoT module connects to a PLC or number of PLC’s on a network . It will read the configured data at a cetain time interval and upload it to cloud . Once data is on cloud our MAPP modules will enable viusalisation of data through APP’s on any device or analysis of data or generate reports etc.  The IIOT has a two way connection, with the right login credentials a pump could be switched on off remotely or a process value can be changed remotely.

Email / SMS Notification

The software module on cloud can optionally send Emails or SMS for pre-configured trigger points .

Phone Apps / Web Apps

Our apps can work on any mobile device irrespective of the OS . Web apps are useful for OEMs when they want to view data from all customers at a single PC .