Questions About Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the next industrial revolution. It is the connectivity of industrial equipment with data from manufacturing to leverage both using centralized processes and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence. This will drastically improve the way we operate industries and give rise to smart factories. Industry 4.0 uses cyber-physical systems to monitor and augment existing industrial processes, across all segments. These systems are connected through “Internet of Things” to allow seamless flow of real-time and accurate information. This enables the user to make informed business decisions about production, materials, delivery etc. that create a connected and digitized industry.

Industry 4.0 promises faster innovation, increased efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction. In turn, giving greater profits and ROI.

  • Innovation: Improvement in product design and streamlining product catalogue based on data accumulated through product performance.
  • Manufacturing: Data from the shop floor helps manufacturers to plan production and predict machine failures. This results in higher production efficiency and reduced down-time.
  • Supply chain: Manufacturers can create a more reliable value chain with insights and data from products, partners, and customers.
  • Remote access: In this age of “anywhere working” management can access data for the entire product lifecycle in the palm of their hand with connected systems.

IoT or the Internet of Things is the merger of Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT). This enables businesses to connect people, processes, equipment, and data to gain insights and optimize business processes. Connectivity is central to the idea of Industry 4.0, so IoT is a component of Industry 4.0. IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things is an extension of IoT to industrial environments.Industry needs specialized solutions and products that can be customized and operate in extreme situations, if need be. Disparate systems based on legacy technologies, like controllers, are brought together with IIoT.

We ensure that your industrial data is safe by maintaining the highest standards of cyber security. We use the most reliable systems to ensure that your information is safe. We also offer on-premise solutions if you would like your systems to be offline.

Industry 4.0 gives many benefits across industries and departments that are varied. Some of them are listed here.

  • Resource optimization
  • Remote access
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Smart energy consumption
  • Statistical and advanced process control
  • Process Automation
  • Quality management
  • Data-driven demand predictions
  • Rapid experimentation and simulation
  • Remote maintenance for service
  • New connected products and business models

Industry 4.0 implementation is a highly customized offering and the cost of each project depends on the type of industry, existing processes, and requirement of your specific unit. KNEO believes in providing cutting-edge solutions at competitive prices. We carry out detailed discussions to understand your requirement to quote for and design a reliable and robust system. Contact us for an estimate today!

You have already made a good start by thinking about Industry 4.0 and how it can work for you. There may be some concerns regarding implementation like lack of knowledge, skill gap of current employees, data security, scalability, and reliability.

KNEO’s customized and easy-to-use Industry 4.0 solutions address all these concerns in your journey towards Industry 4.0. We also hand-hold you throughout the implementation and transition process to make sure that your teams are comfortable using the new systems and technologies. This ensures a smooth transition from conventional to connected systems.

A great place to initiate your Industry 4.0 transition is to contact us and find out more about it.

MAPP is a versatile and innovative IoT platform by KNEO that can be easily integrated with your existing SAP and ERP systems.

Questions About KNEO

KNEO boasts of a leadership and technical team who bring a wealth of practical industrial knowledge. This combined with advanced technological solutions give you the best possible results for Industry 4.0 implementation. Industry 4.0 is not just about fitting cutting-edge technologies to existing systems. It needs a deep understanding of the challenges and requirements of industrial processes to design the most reliable systems. And this is what KNEO brings to the table. Our expertise and quality is showcased in the many projects that we have undertaken around the globe.

Yes. We provide services from design and implementation, to training and post-implementation support. Know more about our services here.

We are not limited by location and offer services and solutions anywhere in the world. Our offices are based in Pune and Chennai, in India. We also have strategic partnerships in Germany.