Global Onsite Commissioning


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We provide commissioning services at any location across the globe. Our engineers have done commissioning in over 30 countries. Our instrumentation experts are experienced in installation, testing, and process design to deliver elevated instrument performance right from commissioning stage. Our well-planned and optimized procedures make sure that your transition to automated solutions is seamless and as per your exact specifications. With commissioning support you can be sure of hassle-free set-up and start-up while minimizing future break-down risks to save time, effort, and costs.

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Virtual Commissioning

With Kneo Automations virtual commissioning solutions, you can troubleshoot automatic control logic and PLC code in a virtual environment before moving to a real environment. By simulating and virtually verifying your automation equipment, you can confirm that it will work as designed and dramatically reduce system installation cost and startup time.

Simulation to resolve your technical difficulties in advance
Industries always want to speed up commissioning, minimize risks and maintain productivity without affecting current production. Virtual commissioning is the solution for that.

Virtual Commissioning Solution
Our virtual commissioning solutions are capable of speeding up commissioning by simulating an exact mirror image of your factory in the virtual domain, containing automated motion over time so that all technical difficulties can be solved in advance. We can monitor system throughput and recognize bottlenecks to help you make better decisions. With this, you will get to run the factory before you operate the actual factory. Virtual commissioning helps you to
  • Combine all automation assets (PLCs, motors, drives, etc)
  • Remove the need for reprogramming and reduce continuously on-site testing
  • Minimize the project lead time and project cost.

Throughput Optimization

Kneo IIOT Platform allows us to virtually test system designs and to test the code more simply in-house before going into the field. Use these simulation and analysis tools to optimize production throughput and enhance your manufacturing system performance.

Featured solutions

Kneo’s virtual commissioning solutions save time, minimize risk and improve manufacturing productivity in industrial automation systems. Integrators can test design concepts, save engineering and commissioning time.In the virtual setting, machine operators can improve training and test configurations offline.