How a Digital Shop Floor Management Platform Improves Your OEE

With COVID-19, making the digital shift even more important, it’s time to say goodbye to manual and paper workflows in mass production factories. Now its time to move towards Digital Shop Floor Management! Digitization is the way to go with Industry 4.0 as this is key to overall equipment efficiency worldwide (85%). In fact, as per Deloitte, 73 % of U.S. factories were moving ahead with Smart Factory initiatives as of late 2019.

OEE is a lean-to-continuous improvement metric measuring the 3 critical manufacturing pillars of Availability, Performance and Quality. An OEE score is described as a %.

The efficient way to calculate OEE is:

OEE% = Availability x Performance x Quality

This score is used to describe the overall efficiency of a single machine, a production line, or an entire shop floor. It provides an indication of manufacturing performance without requiring manufacturers to explore multiple KPIs. This is why savvy production industries are investing in digital shop floor management software to improve OEE.

Get Real-Time Performance Monitoring and Control

MAPP EYE gives you real-time Production Monitoring & Control by pointing to production performance concerns and allowing your team to acknowledge in the right way. As your team becomes more dynamic, concerns are managed more efficiently or eliminated completely. Features include OEE performance, faults, downtime tracking with root cause identification, tracking run time is one of the ways to get clarity of where to improve OEE. If long downtime events are being tracked often in any section of a facility, there is likely scope for improvement. Minimizing downtime and waiting periods between manufacturing processes is a simple way to improve run time (availability) and hence improve OEE. 

Utilize Extendable/ Customize OEE Reports

Kneo’s MAPP platform provides out-of-the-box features. Key reports on OEE and a few other
standard performance indicators such as an MTTR (mean time to repair) & MTBF (mean time
between failure). Data is automatically gathered from control systems with little or no changes
required. Configuration of reports is easy, extendable and scalable. Additionally, you can take
benefit of powerful customization features to customize data collection formulae and
calculations. All reports can be easily accessed via a web browser across devices. From that,
you can easily check out the OEE report and take the necessary actions.

Understand in Detail Cycle Time

By tracking the time product takes to complete each cycle, we will get an average cycle time,
‘which can be utilized to calculate machine performance. The shop floor management

platform tracks the conditions related to each cycle, including the shift-wise timings, the time of
day, the product created, etc.

With this data, employees and management can recognize patterns for both the fastest as well
as slowest cycle times, allowing them to recognize problems in production. The use of this
information to reduce cycle times can significantly increase yield and OEE.

Quality Control with Floor Mapping & Order Progress

The capability to use shop floor management software to track and recognize the flow of
material through the facility and in between lines is an important part of the successful
production facility. Mapp platform collects data from equipment, and integrated systems while
also empowering the user to track additional information. Our MAPP ZEN Quality 4.0 module
helps quality assurance through its various modules such as PFMEA & DFMEA, PPAP, APQP,
MSA and SPC.

To recognize errors as early as possible, quality is guaranteed with spot checks, SPC as well as
100% tests. This module is one place to create and maintain the product quality control plan
and recognize areas for improvement. The system alerts operators in real-time when specific
errors occur. It also allows them to act before waste is produced and itis always online for
remote monitoring.
It also enables managers to inspect operations across the shop floor in real-time via an
interactive dashboard. Plan, schedule, allocate, analyze, and track operator tasks and machine
efficiency on the go.
Implement Kneo’s Online SPC software module, along with the quality module, to:

1. Get real-time SPC analysis to assure your process is stable

2. React quicker when process irregularities arise

3.Generate process inspection reports

4. Forecast the amount of non-conforming product

5. Minimize material costs

If each and every step throughout the production is mapped and analyzed then inefficient floor
layouts can be easily recognized. Looking for more efficient routes for products to travel—or
even rearranging the facility floor completely to give a better flow—can help save time and
minimize average cycle times (performance), therefore improving OEE.

Root Cause Analysis

One of the most powerful ways to reduce deviations and positively impact your OEE is with
digital Root Cause Analysis. Going down to the root of the issue makes sure you avoid
repetition. Repeat concerns lead to waste—in the form of scrap, time as well as resources spent
on resolving the problem, downtime and product rework. Removing waste always results in
productivity benefits. When your engineers analyzed root causes remotely via a single
database, there is no requirement to send your engineers or safety experts all over the world
anymore, potentially unlocking remarkable cost savings in time.

Smart Factory Visual KPI Displays

MAPP IIOT Platform gives you a clearer picture of the whole factory floor with visual KPI
displays. This approach can be applied at the shift, operator, or machine level to “check” what is
going on that is impacting OEE. Operators can utilize this visualization to adjust and further
improve their machine performance. This allows your team to become more proactive and
respond to concerns in the right way. For example, various parameters can be seen such as
current process status, production status, project target status, faults, etc. Our digital Shop floor
Management solution will add more value to your existing system: Using customizable KPls,
deviations in capacity utilization & damage can be identified early on, which can be quickly
resolved. This not only improves the OEE but also gives all employees a clear overview of
production through standardized processes.

Production Tracking

Along with tracking products generated, it is also essential to document the number of
defective products generated. Tracking defective products produced will also recognize under
which circumstances they were produced.

Knowing where and when the most defective products are generated may specify where
‘machine maintenance is required, which help to minimize the manufacturing losses. Minimizing
the number of defective products generated will automatically improve quality, resulting in an
increase in OEE.

This way, you can optimize your production capacity and usage through transparency. MAPP
platform gives up-to-date, complete information in a graphically understandable format and can
create forecasts based on historical data.

With our digital solution for shop floor management, we support you in improving overall
equipment efficiency (OEE) in long term. To start with this first you need to analyze where you
currently stand.

Are you facing difficulty in getting visibility and control of the shop floor?

Do you want to make manufacturing operations more reliable and cost-effective?

If so, KNEO Automation can help. To learn more about our MAPP solution, book a demo today.

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