MAPP IIOT Platform

MAPP IIOT Platform

Fasttrack to your Digital Factory / Future factory, Creating Efficient, Optimized, Productive, Future-ready Factories, Make your factory future-ready, For the Industry 4.0 Factory

Lead your factory into the future with KNEO’s MAPP IIoT Platform. Our platform enables integrated solutions for production planning, production control, quality assurance, and maintenance for your business. MAPP IIoT Platform is an umbrella of Industry 4.0 products. KNEO gives you the flexibility to install the entire suite of products within MAPP or choose only the modules that are best suited for your requirements. Our intelligent software, interactive and intuitive dashboards, and data-driven approach empower you to monitor your factory in the palm of your hand.

Performance Monitoring Module

Realize the hidden potential of your manufacturing operation

MAPP Eye is a modular software to capture and analyse events in any manufacturing facility to provide better visibility, leading to faster responses, better utilization of resources and therefore improved productivity. At the heart of MAPP Eye software is its ability to communicate with diverse PLC's / controllers and capture relevant data. The data can then be converted to actionable intelligence using the quick analysis feature as per user requirements..

What goes around the machines is equally important to what goes inside the machine, both these data need to be captured and MAPP eye combines with smart hardware and sensors to do this effectively. Interactive dashboards with KPI’s let you know if you are on track to meet the planned targets and reasons for lost times. MAPP Eye is designed to monitor either single machine, entire lines or complete plants. Configurable reports which can be mailed automatically to save on reporting time.


  • Better visibility of production process.
  • Improved reliability of captured data.
  • Reduction of non- value-added work.
  • Improved worker productivity with real time dashboards.
  • OEE calculations.
  • Maximise profits through increased output .

Advanced Scheduling Module

Designed to address manufacturing complexities for efficient goods delivery

Scheduling your shop floor should not be a complicated affair involving long meetings every morning spent preparing spreadsheets, only to have a new incoming order send you back to square one. In order to remain competitive in the long term, production companies must plan effectively, utilize their resources efficiently and react quickly to customer demands.

The central element of our MAPP ADEPT Advanced scheduling module is the graphic planning board in the form of a Gantt chart. Scheduling your production orders and work steps, according to the individual production stages, directly onto the available machines (machine allocation) will remove the need for manually operated pegboards or confusing Excel spreadsheets. Instead, you’ll be able to respond in real time to changes in delivery quantities and deadlines, as well as critical situations at the machine.

MAPP ADEPT is designed to address complexities associated with manufacturing so you can plan, schedule, execute, and deliver goods as efficiently and effectively as possible


  • Visual scheduling provides a graphical view of entire manufacturing.
  • Real time feedback of planned vs Actual.
  • Optimization of Schedules.
  • Increase On-Time Delivery.
  • Improve Productivity & Profitability.
  • Identify the best start time, and the best machine usage.

Quality 4.0 Module

Gain real-time, insights into the causes of poor quality, and create a closed-loop system of quality management.

Quality assurance is an important part of a successful production facility. High product quality saves time and money, while improving the image and customer satisfaction. To guarantee this and especially detect errors as early as possible, quality is guaranteed with spot checks, statistical process control (SPC) and 100% tests. Digital support from MAPP ZEN also ensures compliance with established industrial and Quality standards.

Quality assurance should be centrally managed and carried out following consistent criteria.

MAPP Zen supports quality assurance through its different modules like PFMEA & DFMEA, PPAP , APQP, MSA and SPC .The expansion with other MAPP functions such as Performance monitoring , Traceability, Maintenance modules enables an even more effective safeguarding of the zero-defect strategy. The software is developed as per AIAG/IATF guidelines with role based feature and access control and document management with revision and approval process.


  • System based approach with less manpower and documentation.
  • Improve Quality, Compliance and transparency in system.
  • Visualization and evaluation of inspection results.
  • Process capability and test results always in focus.
  • Cost saving through earliest possible detection of errors.
  • Transparent evaluations help to specifically reduce extra work and scrap.

Maintenance Module

Boost equipment performance to help maximize overall productivity through condition based and predictive maintenance.

Maintenance is an essential part of manufacturing but needs significant time and efforts. Use the power of predictive maintenance with our Maintenance Module and optimize maintenance activities. Boost overall productivity by reducing non-productive loss of time, increasing worker safety, and reducing maintenance costs.

With MAPP VITA Maintenance tasks are scheduled and allocated to maintenance personnel using a graphic user interface and scheduled jobs are visualized online by staff at their terminals. This increases flexibility in maintenance and minimizes machine downtime. It lets the maintenance engineer fully document all completed jobs. Spare parts and consumables used are also recorded, along with the response and service times of the maintenance engineers. Our Smart Digital Assistant Hardware acts as operator interface and raise tickets for maintenance. Maintenance personnel gets pop up and can attend call per scheduled. Maintenance team will close the call once the machine is up and ready. All maintenance logs can be captured and stored at specific machine master.

The MAPP VITA module is meant for Preventive and Breakdown maintenance, Condition Based monitoring and Predictive maintenance.


  • Optimization of maintenance cycles on machines and tools prolongs their lifespan.
  • Machine issues can be detected early on, prevented or resolved before breakdown.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Remote diagnosis for your maintenance.
  • Transparency through a clear display and automatic monitoring against limit values.
  • More reliable production, higher customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

MAPP -Trail
Traceability Module

Track every part/product through the manufacturing process, raw materials entry to finished product and everything in between.

Traceability will track and trace every part and process of the manufacturing to immediately identify the batch and order to avoid COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality). Upstream and downstream process will be tracked in a very smart and effective way of finding the errors/mistake in the product and manufacturing line. Inspection results, assembly details and time spent at each station are recorded.

By searching the downstream flow, you can discover which finished products have been produced based on specific starting components and incoming materials. By searching upstream, you can identify the starting components and materials used for the selected finished products, batches or orders.

Processing units can be uniquely identified using a tracking number (such as the product or sequence number). This identifying number will then point to a record with all of the acquired information, such as the performed quality inspections, process and operational data, involved work centres, time stamps, starting components and materials, tools used and so on. The various available evaluation and filter settings make it possible to draw conclusions about the units potentially affected by defective components.


  • Timely recall of products when quality defects are recognized.
  • Automated data acquisition using Direct Part Marking (DPM) technology.
  • 4M ( Man , Machine, Material and Method) traceability.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Better visibility of WIP inventory on the shop floor.
  • Traceability can be extended to customer or supplier operations.

End To End Solution
Smart Digital Factory

Digital Factory Suite to have a competitive edge in market and be a leader in terms of delivery, quality and cost

KNEO’s End to End Digital factory approach helps you to make your factory futuristic in terms of technology to achieve operational excellence for sustainability.

Our solutions are like manufacturing functions of the organization which includes all facets of operations from planning to production, quality & Maintenance to delivery. Every functions of your organization are minutely studied, processes are digitized and in a incremental way Digital Factory gets evolved. Our domain expertise in manufacturing and industrial automation forte help us to successfully deploy Digital factory suite at all levels.

Our customers are key to success and we value every suggestions and journey towards Digital Transformation. We analyzed every data & develop models to optimize & help our client to be competitive in their markets.

Your dream of Digital factory and our approach towards Digital factory road map will help you to boost the economy of the country and to become a world class digital facility.


  • Improve Productivity, Quality and Delivery.
  • Lean Industry 4.0 Organization.
  • Become Competitive.
  • Become Agile and Sustainable organization.
  • Reduce turn around time with efficient & effective operations.
  • Focused on Value added activities and become innovative.
World Class Quality

World Class Quality

Our platform is designed to deliver the highest standards of quality that comply with international standards such as ISO/TS/IATF/VDA.

KNEO’s Digital Industry 4.0 Platform is designed to deliver to the highest standards of quality. Our Platform is designed & developed as per VDA and German Standards.

In a Digital arena of world, authencity of data and its legitimate usage will empower all customers to deliver quality products.

Our Focus is World Class Quality, Delivery and services to guide towards Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry.

Lean Industry 4.0

Lean Industry 4.0

MAPP promises reduction in manufacturing costs, increased efficiency, higher quality products, and optimization of industrial processes to make Lean Manufacturing possible.

Lean Manufacturing – boost a firm’s performance significantly by focusing on value-added activities.

Digital Transformation through IT and OT convergence with 4M connectivity.

MAPP IIoT Plaform is a Lean Industry 4.0 Digitization platform, advances towards lean manufacturing to improve plant OEE and Productivity.

At KNEO we take an integrated approach for MAPP Industry 4.0 Platform implementation.

Program & Workflow Management

Program & Workflow Management

MAPP effectively uses intelligent systems to automate task management and repetitive processes enabling your resources to focus on more strategic tasks.

Plant Quality Dashboard

Plant Quality Dashboard

Monitor your plant quality to ensure delivery of high and consistent quality products. MAPP allows you to manage raw material purchase, manufacturing processes, and incorporate customer feedback to close the loop.

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