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Connecting your Shop Floor to the Top Floor

Join the digital revolution to up the quantum of improvements from marginal increments to big leaps. Be it manufacturing, warehousing, deliveries, or any other activities, with Industry 4.0 usher in big improvements to keep your industry processes going all the time! KNEO has a complete deck of services that ensure that you are well supported even after implementation. KNEO resolves complex problems by connecting your Shop Floor to the Top Floor, giving valuable insights on Business operations for Key Business leaders to make the Right Business decisions.


Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0

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Digital Transformation Consulting

The process of digital transformation involves adopting a battery of technologies. This can be challenging especially so, with the host of products, machines, vendors, service providers, and technologies available. With an experience of 20 years in Industrial Automation in 30 countries and over 6 years in Industry 4.0 implementation across industries, KNEO makes the road to this revolution smooth and efficient.

KNEO has an expert team of experienced automation professionals who specialize in:-

  • Automation software development.
  • Database software.
  • Industry 4.0 related solutions.
  • Electrical and Mechanical installation of machines and commissioning of projects.
  • Upgradation of legacy machines.

Industry 4.0 Implementation

The transition to Industry 4.0 depends on its successful implementation. The KNEO expertise comes in handy here. Our expert employees, sound technical knowledge, and ability to scale our teams up or down at short notice, ensure swift, flawless implementation. Location is not a barrier for us. With Industry 4.0 implementation we create opportunities to boost factory performance on every front through predictive maintenance, supporting rapid material handling, monitoring every detail of the shop floor, and leveraging collaborative robots simultaneously with mobile communication.

  • Automation and Industry 4.0 expertise under one roof.
  • Wide experience.
  • Ability to scale the team up or down as required.
  • Staff focused on customer satisfaction.

Consulting (Corporate/Complete) Training and Support

Industry 4.0 is a platform for the aggregation of data from a wide range of industrial assets and provides actionable analytics. At KNEO we understand the importance of keeping the factory up and running. With the belief that Knowledge is strength, KNEO imparts the necessary training for system operations, trouble-shooting exercises, and plug in any foreseeable impediments you might encounter. Should your team not be able to resolve routine issues, KNEO’s experts are available to address your difficulties. Having worked hands-on in more than 30 countries, and implemented many projects, KNEO has a wide-ranging experience on a variety of machines, manufacturers, vendors, and technologies, from which only the client stands to benefit.

  • Practical training on-site.
  • Classroom training for technicians.
  • Unmatched after-sales support.
  • Helpline for remote support.

Emerging Technologies

Lead your factory into the future with KNEO’s MAPP IIoT Platform built on emerging technologies like AI / ML, Data Analytics and Cognitive Intelligence. The platform empowered with these technologies delivers integrated solutions for production planning, production control, quality assurance, and maintenance for your business.

The MAPP IoT Platform is an umbrella of Industry 4.0 products. We give you the flexibility to install the entire suite of products within MAPP or choose only the modules that are best suited for your requirements. Our intelligent software, interactive and intuitive dashboards, and data-driven approach empower you to monitor your factory in the palm of your hand.

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